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The spirit of hospitality that thinks of friend most in the time of snow, moon, and cherry blossoms

"Monmo" cuisine is a cuisine in which the ingredients are savored "as it is."
We offer the deep flavor that only carefully-selected natural ingredients can have, and bring it out to the fullest without adorning and making, and with a genuine taste that has been refined and trimmed down to its finest level.
Please enjoy the chef's refined sensibility and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, and the seasonal flavors to your heart.


At Honke Tankuma, Kumasaburo Kurisu, the third-generation owner who has a deep knowledge of traditional culture, selects by himself everything from the tableware used to serve the dishes, to the calligraphy and paintings that decorate the rooms and the flowers to create a delicate representation of the four seasons throughout the space.
We also create a custom menu to suit your mood, taste, and situation. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with the best service.
We will provide the best quality in food, decoration, and service, and will treat each guest with the utmost care.

Offering The Hospitality
In Four Seasons,
365 days.


The 3rd Generation Owner Chef
Kumasaburo Kurisu

He devotes himself to cooking with the mind of "inheriting the spirit of the founder."
In 1991, he assumed the name of Kumasaburo Kurisu II.
He has made his life's work to deepen the tradition of Kyoto cuisine handed down from the founder, and continues to devote himself to it.


Haruko Kurisu

The proprietress provides hospitality with the special delicate attention that the proprietress can provide to make guests spend their time comfortably.
Her smile is so popular among guests that even Geisha ladies learn from her.
She speaks English, so please feel relaxed to visit us.


Young Owner Chef
Junichi Kurisu

To enhance the enjoyment of our cuisine, he has been learning more about beverages by acquiring one after another advanced certifications in wine and sake.
In addition, he has traveled to about 70 countries as a backpacker and have encountered many different religions and food cultures.
Through his experience, Tankuma has prepared menus compatible with a variety of food cultures , hoping that international guests visiting Kyoto will feel free to enjoy Japanese cuisine.
Please feel free to contact about the menu availability.


Culinary Staffs

For our perspective, the food is the most important part of hospitality.

Not only do we carefully choose the flavors of the four seasons, but also we take note of the likes of each guest based on how they dine to please each and every one of our guests next time.
We also take great care to make your day memorable, such as by adding an elaborate dish to celebrate a festive occasion.



In order to enhance the culinary experience at Honke Tankuma, we offer more than 150 varieties of wines and 30 varieties of sakes.
Our dedicated sommelier staff and young owner, who have a deep knowledge of beverages, will be happy to recommend the beverage that best suits your mood, taste and cuisine.


Service Staff

We value the personalized hospitality for each guest to make your stay a special time with which you can feel "glad I came here".
We will not only prepare thoroughly in advance, but also on the day of the event, we will be sure to understand what you are looking for and respond in detail. So please make yourselves at home.

Our restaurants

本家 たん熊 本店

Honke Tankuma
Honten main restaurant

Kamo River, Higashiyama Mountains and Takase River.
The location is in the heart of Kyoto, where you can feel the seasonal nature close at hand.
In a traditional Sukiya-style house, Please enjoy the scenic beauty of Kyoto, "Monmo" Kyoto cuisine, and elaborate hospitality.


Honke Tankuma
Takashimaya branch

A quiet and calm space that will make you forget that you are in a department store.
The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, from oyakodon that has been served for more than 60 years since its opening, to seasonal dishes that focus on the season, and authentic kaiseki cuisine.
It is another "Monmo" where you can casually enjoy the spirit of the Honke Tankuma.