Honke Tankuma

We cater to halal requirements

The refined sweetness of spring bamboo shoots,
The sharp, refreshing taste of young summer sweetfish,
The wafting scent of autumn matsutake mushrooms,
The powerful richness of winter soft-shelled turtle…

Deep, intricate flavors found only in the finest ingredients, and brought out to the full.

Monmo cuisine means preparing food “au naturel.” Rather than adding flavor,
savor the essence of foods.

Tableware of plain and simple elegance.

The moment you encounter the essence is when the flavors come
alive, without the need for embellishment - .a moment to be prized.

We do not make anything –
We simply serve up the seasons of
Japan's ancient capital.

Today's diners,
Today's arrangements,
Today's timing.

Honke Tankuma has eight rooms.

Each room changes a little by season and day-by-day.

A single flower.
A single hanging scroll.
A single dish.

Just for today's diners.

No long explanations.

Just the spirit of good service
The Honke Tankuma
dedication to service by Kamo River,
Higashiyama, and Takase River.

On December 13, the day Kyoto throws its arms open
to the New Year, we took our first step, in 1928.

Honke Tankuma continues where it has always been seeking
ever better ways to serve.

Retaining the air, the ways, of old Kyoto for the
guests we welcome today.

An unchanging welcome awaits you in this unchanging city.

A murmuring stream,
the aroma of straw matting,
enjoy the riverside relaxing on
a raised platform from May 1

At 5pm dusk falls on Higashiyama
as its colors begin to change from moment to moment.

Honke Tankuma begins serving guests seated
on kawayuka raised riverside platforms.

Enjoy monmo Kyoto cuisine featuring that
Kyoto summer delicacy, daggertooth pike conger.

We can also arrange geiko and
maiko (Kyoto-style geisha), for entertainment.

Riverside platform seating: May 1 – September 30

Special Cuisine *

The Honke Tankuma Honten is certified by the Kyoto Council for Sharia and Halal Affairs as being a "Muslim-friendly restaurant that can offer Halal menu."
We cater to our guests' requirements, providing Kyoto cuisine that uses no pork or alcohol, and besides, with vegetarian menus, among others.
Please inquire with us regarding any special dietary needs you may have.

*Special cuisine must be ordered two days in advance.

Drinks to accompany your meal

The drinks we serve enhance the flavors of Honke Tankuma cuisine.
Our young proprietor has the qualification of WSET Level.3, Sommelier (J.S.A.), SAKE DIPLOMA(J.S.A.), and is happy to recommend the optimum choice of drink, whether wine, sake or other, to go with your meal, according to your mood and preferences.

Honke Tankuma Honten

168 Izumiya-cho Kiyamachi-dori
Bukkoji-Sagaru Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel: +8150-3628-1645
(Opening hours)
Lunch:11:30-15:00 (Last order: 13:30)
Dinner:17:00-22:00(Lasr order:20:00)
We are closed on every Sunday.

Make a reservation here.

In the heart of Kyoto, in a corner of Shijo Kawaramachi.

Honke Tankuma's diligently crafted monmo cuisine
can also be enjoyed at the easily accessible
Kyoto Takashimaya Department store.

For over 60 years Honke Tankuma has been serving everything from oyako donburi, to seasonal ozen meals, to genuine Kyoto kaiseki.

All feature the skill and dedication of Honke Tankuma.

Unique flavors, above and beyond the everyday, to be tasted only here.

An elegant, unaffected,
welcoming space.
You'll be pleasantly surprised.

You'll forget you're in a department store.

Artwork, flowers, hanging scrolls - all in keeping with the season, utensils that complement the food served, with the same atmosphere as the main restaurant.

There is table seating and private rooms, and no effort has been spared to create a space where you can enjoy your food as a full sensory experience.

Call in whenever the mood takes you. Honke Tankuma's hospitality awaits you here as always.

This, too, is part of the "monmo" spirit.

Honke Tankuma Kyoto Takashimaya

Takashimaya 7F, 52 Shinmachi, Shijodori Kawaramachi-Nishiiru Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel: +8150-3503-2634
11:00-22:00(Lasr order:20:45)
We are closed on 1st Jan.

Make a reservation here.

Channeling the spirit of monmo

Honke Tankuma was awarded two stars in the
Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka 2010,
and has appeared in the Michelin Guide every year since.

Monmo Kyoto cuisine uses the ingredients' inherent flavors,
and has earned a reputation overseas.